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  • 摘要: 1、第 1 页 共 8 页 编号: _ 商务合作谅解备忘录合同 甲 方: _ 乙 方: _ 签订日期: _年 _月 _日 第 2 页 共 8 页 甲方 Party A: 乙方 Party B: Subject to the subsequent negotiation and execution of the Contracts, the Parties wish to record in this MOU the current status of the Project. 双方希望通过本备忘录记录本项目目前的状况,本项目具体内容经过随后谈判由双方签署的合同最终确定。 THEREFORE, th2、e Parties hereby agree as follows: 因此,双方特此协议如下: 一 .Matters on which the parties have reached preliminary understanding 双方已达成初步谅解的事项 Describe matters on which the parties have reached preliminary understanding 列举双方已达成初步谅解的事项 二 .Matters on which the parties intend to conduct further negotiation 双方拟进一步3、磋商的事项 Describe matters on which the parties intend to conduct further negotiation 列举双方拟进行进一步磋商的事项 三 .Steps to be taken by the parties after signing of the MOU 双方在签署本备忘录之后应采取的行动 第 3 页 共 8 页 3.1 The Parties will in good faith within the next days following the signing of this MOU negotiate the terms a4、nd conditions of the Contracts. 双方应本着诚实信用的原则在本备忘录签署后 天内就合同条款进行谈判。 四 .Confidential Information 保密资料 4.1 From time to time prior to and during the term of this MOU either Party (“disclosing Party”) has disclosed or may disclose to the other Party (“receiving Party”) business, marketing, technical, sci5、entific or other information which, at the time of disclosure, is designated as confidential (or like designation), is disclosed in circumstances of confidence, or would be understood by the Parties, exercising reasonable business judgement, to be confidential (“Confidential Information”). The recei6、ving Party shall, during the term of this MOU and for years thereafter.: 本 备忘录签署前以及在本备忘录有效期内,一方(“披露方”)曾经或者可能不时向对方(“受方”)披露该方的商业、营销、技术、科学或其他资料,这些资料在披露当时被指定为保密资料(或类似标注),或者在保密的情况下披露,或者经双方的合理商业判断为保密资料(“保密资料”)。在本备忘录有效期内以及随后 年内,受方必须: ( a) maintain the confidentiality of Confidential Information; 对保密资料进行保密;7、 ( b) not to use Confidential Information for any purpose other than those specifically set out in this MOU; and 不为除本备忘录明确规定的目的之外的其他目的使用保密资料; ( c) not disclose any such Confidential Information to any person or entity, except to its employees or employees of its Affiliates, its agents, attorneys, ac8、countants and other advisors who need to know such information to perform their responsibilities and who have signed written confidentiality contracts containing terms at least as stringent 第 4 页 共 8 页 as the terms provided in this Article . 除为履行其职责而确有必 要知悉保密资料的该方雇员(或其关联机构、该方律师、会计师或其他顾问的雇员)外,不向其他任何人9、披露,且上述人员须签署书面保密协议,其中保密义务的严格程度不得低于本第 条的规定。 4.2 The provisions of Article .1 above shall not apply to information that: 上述条款对以下资料不适用: ( a) can be shown to be known by the receiving Party by written records made prior to disclosure by the disclosing Party; 受方有在披露方向其披露前存在的书面记录证明其已经掌握。 ( b) is or becomes10、 public knowledge otherwise than through the receiving Partys breach of this MOU; or 并非由于受方违反本备忘录而已尼或者在将来进行公共领域;以及 ( c) was obtained by the receiving Party from a third party having no obligation of confidentiality with respect to such information. 受方从对该信息无保密义务的第三方获得。 4.3 Upon the expiration or temi11、nation of this MOU, and in any event upon the disclosing Partys request at any time, the receiving Party shall (i) return to the other Party, or at the disclosing Partys direction destroy, all materials (including any copies thereof) embodying the other Partys Confidential information and (ii) certi12、fy in writing to the other Party, within ten days following the other Partys Confidential Information and (ii) certify in writing to the other Party, within ten days following the other Partys request, that all of such materials have been retuned or destroyed. 本备忘录期满或终止后,或经披露方随时提出要求,受方应( 1)向对方归还(或经对13、方要求销毁)包含对方保密资料的所有材料(包括其复制件),并且 ( 2)在对方提出此项要求后十( 10)日内向对方书面保证已经归还或销毁上述材料。 五 .Public announcements 第 5 页 共 8 页 本备忘内容保密 Neither Party shall make any announcement or disclosure concerning the MOU without the other Partys prior written consent except as may be reasonably required by law. 除非按照法律规定有合理必要,未经14、另一 方事先书面同意,任何一方不得就本备忘录发表任何公开声明或进行任何披露。 六 .Intellectual property rights 知识产权 Both Parties acknowledge that they do not acquire any right in or any intellectual property rights (including without limitation, copyright, trademark, trade secret, know-how) of the other Party under this MOU. 双方确认一方并未因本备忘录15、从另一方获得该方任何知识产权(包括但不限于版权、商标、商业秘密、专有技术等)或针对该知识产权的权利。 七 .Amendment of MOU 本备忘录的修改 The terms and conditions of this MOU shall be amended only by mutual written consent between the Parties. 对本备忘录进行修改,须双方共同书面同意方可进行。 八 .Binding/Non-binding clauses of MOU 本备忘录具有 /不具有约束力的条款 The Parties acknowledge that, othe16、r than Clauses .4 through 13 (inclusive) which are binding on the Parties, this MOU does not constitute a binding or enforceable agreement or contract or create an obligation on the part of either Party to do any act either expressly referred to or contemplated by this MOU. 双方确认,除第 条、第 4 至第 13 条(包括第17、 4 及第 13 条)对双方具有约束力之外,本备忘第 6 页 共 8 页 录其他条款不是具有约束力或可强制履行的协议或者合同,也不在双方之间设定实话任何行为的义务,无论该行为是否在本备忘录中明确规定应实施还是拟实施。 九 .Assignability of MOU 本备忘录的转让 A party may not assign this MOU to any third party without the written consent of the other party. 未经对方事先书面同意,任何一方不得转让本备忘录。 十 .Party responsible for its own co18、sts 各方承担各自费用 Except as may be provided under this MOU, each Party is responsible for its own costs incurred in performing the activities contemplated by this MOU. 除非本备忘录另有明确约定,任何一方应自行负担其从事本备忘录规定的活动所发生的费用。 十一 .No consequential damages 不承担间接损失 No Party is liable for any indirect, special or consequent19、ial loss or damage or any loss or damage due to loss of goodwill or loss of revenue or profit arising in connection with this MOU. 任何一方对与本备忘录有关的任何间接或附带损失或损害、商誉的损失或者损害或者收入或利润的损失不承担责任。 十二 .Effectiveness and termination of MOU 本备忘录的生效和终止 This MOU shall come into force on signature by both Parties and s20、hall continue in effect until the earliest to occur of: 第 7 页 共 8 页 本备忘录经双方签字生效,至下列日期终止(以最早者为准): (a)the replacement of this MOU with a Contract or further agreement; 双方登记合同或进一步的协议取代本备忘录; (b)anytime without cause upon providing a one (1) month prior written notice of one Party to the other Party; or 21、任何一方无须提供任何理由,提前一个月书面通知另一方终止本备忘录;或 (c) days from the signing of this MOU. 本备忘录签署 60 天后。 Clauses 4、 5、 9、 10、 11、 12 and 13 shall survive the termination of this MOU. 第 4、 5、 9、 10、 11、 12 和 13 条在本备忘录终止后继续有效。 十三 .Governing Law and Arbitration 适用法律和仲裁 This MOU shall be governed by the laws of . IN the 22、event that any dispute between the Parties arising in connection with this MOU cannot be resolved within a period of thirty (30) days on the basis of mutual consultation, then either of the Parties may refer such dispute to arbitration institution for arbitration in language under the arbitration ru23、les. 本备忘录适用 法律。双方之间由于本备忘录产生的任何争议应在三十 (30)天内通过友好协商解决;如果未能解决,任何一方可以将争议提交 仲裁机构名称 按照 仲裁规则 以 语言 进行仲裁 IN WITNESS WHEREOF, each of the Parties hereto has caused this MOU to be executed by its duly authorized representative on the date first set forth above. 双方正式授权代表已于文首所载日期签署本备忘录,以资证明。 第 8 页 共 8 页 Party A name Party B name Name: Party A rep name Name:Party B rep name Title: Party A rep position Title:Party B rep position Nationality: Nationality: Date: Date: 甲方名称 乙方名称 姓名: 甲方代表姓 名 姓名: 乙方代表姓名 职务: 甲方代表职务 职务: 乙方代表职务 国籍: 中国 国籍: 乙方代表国籍




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